Operating as a small hobby business can mean investment in certain equipment does come with large cost implications. To help get the most out of this equiptment, The Yorkshire Wagon Company would like to offer the following services to other modellers or small businesses. Please contact us for more infomation.

Lost Wax Casting

Whilst The Yorkshire Wagon Company cannot offer this process in its entirety we do have the ability to create some wax patterns needed to send to the foundry. For this to happen, a master will need to be provided made from a number of different materials including 3d printing. One off parts can be catered for with this process but is better suited and more cost effective if making multiples of your pattern. Once produced the waxes can be returned to you and sent to a foundry of your choice or kept and included in our next order. If the quantity is sufficient we could send them to our foundry on your behalf.

Laser Cutting

Working from DXF files we can laser cut and engrave plywood and certain plastics upto 6mm. It is not possible for us to cut metal although if you are not in a hurry for your parts, we can add them to the next order with our main supplier.

Spin Casting - White Metal

Centrifugal or spin casting of white metal parts can be done in house. Once again, a master is required and can be made from metal or some 3D printed materials. These materials need to withstand at least 90 degrees celsius and 2000psi of pressure used to vulcanise the moulds. Nine inch diameter silicone or natural rubber moulds can be used for the mould making process. Costs for making the moulds are around £50-£70 with the white metal parts being charged for by weight of finished castings and a time factor included per spin of the mould. Other materials like plastikard can still be used as a master. This will incur more in the way of setup costs as a cold cure mould will be required to then create a secondary master suitable for making the vulcanised moulds. This process lends itself to being more cost effective in producing parts in some quantity with the set up cost of the mould becoming less noticable the more you have cast. This doesn't mean you need to cast lots of parts straight away, we can easily run some off as needed. All we would ask is to give reasonable notice before your parts are actualy needed.